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See some of our customer success stories and where they are now.

Hannah Endozo

Hannah was one of our first students at The Marketing Traineeship. She already had a successful YouTube channel with 25k+ subscribers but had yet to break into the digital marketing industry. In a matter of 10 weeks, Hannah had passed our courses and exams, completed the two week work experience and kick-started her career in a Digital Marketing Agency based in East London.

Previous Role: Sales Advisor at TK Maxx

New Role: Digital Marketing Executive at Albatross Digital

“Initially thought it was too good to be true - turned out to be one of the best decsions. It's a well worth investment for your digital marketing career. The guidance I got from the team was great, I completed my courses in a few weeks. They would regulary text and call me to see how things are and keep me update about the process, which was very helpful.”
Anita Morgan

Anita signed up to our Digital Marketing Traineeship just before Christmas 2019, giving her some time to focus over the holidays. Having come from a retail background, Anita was fully commited on a new venture in digital marketing. She had nailed the whole thing by February 2020 and was into a role by March 2020, working for a agency in her local area, Brighton.

Previous Role: Fundraiser at Purity Fundraiser

New Role: Marketing Executive at We Are All Connected

“I had a great time doing the Traineeship. I found the guys to be very flexible with me working full time as well and present and mindful to questions. I would definitely recommend them to someone who maybe needs a boost to get their foot in the door.”
Duarte Represas

Duarte decided to join our Traineeship to help get his foot in the door havng already built some skills and digital experience in the past. By December 2019, Duarte had aced the courses and exams, before we got him onto his work experience with an SEO consultant, focusing on link building and outreach tasks. Duarte was then placed into a role where he lived, in London.

Previous Role: Hospitality at Natural Kitchen

New Role: Digital Marketer at Polaris Digital Agency

“The guys were very open about their business, goals and plans for my integration within the industry from the outset. After completing the courses I was enrolled in the two week placement at an agency. Overall I have to be thankful to the guys for granting me the opportunity I've been looking for.”

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