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Digital Marketing Analytics. - View the Master Syllabus - View the Course Schedule. Back to Top. This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances.
Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics Fall Start Confederation College.
Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics Fall Start. You are here. Home Business Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics Fall Start. Ontario College Graduate Certificate. Area of Interest. Apply Now International Students Apply Now Book a Tour Virtual Tour. International Education Centre.
Marketing and Analytics MSc Aston University.
It evaluates the role of digital media in marketing strategy and how new technologies can be embraced for marketing purposes. It evaluates the impact of web based innovations on marketing and consumer behaviour. We will introduce you to visualisation techniques used to display and summarise information. You will look at descriptive statistics that can be used to extract meaningful information from data. This module will give you the skills and practise in using appropriate statistical techniques when completing business reports and communicating data analysis to the organisation management team. Here we focus on turning real-world problems into mathematical and spreadsheet models and examine how you can use models to help rational decision making in organisations. Youll develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the main modelling concepts and you will be able to quickly identify problems and situations in business where the use of those models can be beneficial. Data Mining and Web Analytics.
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Developed the skills necessary to use these different in building an integrated digital marketing campaign. Acquired the business language necessary to clearly communicate with key marketing stakeholders, such as marketing managers, advertisers and marketing researchers. Provisional Lecture Outline. Strategy, Tactics Analytics in Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing and Data Analytics BSc Hons York St John University. Est. 1841. York St John University. Menu. Search. Menu. Search. Course location. Arrow icon. York St John University logo.
On this module you will learn how to manage customer relationships strategically using Customer Relationship Management CRM systems, as well as key concepts of web analytics in digital marketing. This module will strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the digital marketing landscape.
Digital Marketing Analytics and Measurement: Web Analytics - FutureLearn.
Explore the principles of web and channel analytics and data-centric digital marketing. Youll be introduced to the core concepts and role of analytics, and how it can help you to take a data-driven approach to planning and optimising your digital marketing - from social media to search optimisation.
Digital Marketing Analytics: Tools and Techniques edX. edX logo.
Ways to take this course. edX For Business. Business Management Courses. UMD and USMx's' Digital Marketing. Business Management Courses. Digital Marketing Analytics: Tools and Techniques. Learn how to leverage leading tools and approaches to digital marketing data analysis. Dive into SEO and Paid search strategies, web analytics, online testing, machine learning and AI/Big Data applications to strengthen your digital marketing efforts and leverage your resources most effectively.
Course - Digital Marketing Analytics - AM304119 - NTNU.
Familiarity with digital marketing analytics tools. Use marketing analytics to understand customer behavior. Describe problem areas related to marketing analytics. Actively participate in discussions and decisions concerning marketing analytics in a given organization. Relate marketing analytics to other fields covered within the bachelor study program.
Digital Marketing and Analytics - MSc - Postgraduate courses - University of Kent. The University of Kent. cross. cross. arrow right. location-sign. cross. course page design 4. cross. book. map-marker. graduation-hat. calendar-full. clock3. The Universit
This module aims to help students recognise the role of web analytics within the digital marketing landscape, and practically apply web analytics tools and technologies to monitor performance of web based marketing activities. Indicative topics to be covered are likely to include.:
Consumer and Digital Marketing Analytics Bangor University.
Graduates from this course will develop a broad knowledge of marketing management subjects and will be able to demonstrate specialised knowledge and analytical skills across a range of marketing and digital applications. This course is intended to prepare students for a career in marketing and digital marketing or marketing analytics more specifically.
Digital Marketing Analytics and Measurement - Marketing Course - FutureLearn.
Youll discover the core principles of web analytics, how to set digital marketing objectives and how to turn them into analytics goals. Using practical guidance, youll learn how to use Google Analytics, including how to set up goals, and create reports and dashboards.

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